You're gonna miss each and every shot you can't be bothered to take. That's not living life—that's just being a tourist. Take every shot. If it's worth caring about, no matter how impossible you think it is—you take the shot.
Clint Barton was born in small-town Iowa with one older brother. Life was quiet, uneventful and largely boring. By the time Clint was in high school he already had a minor reputation as a heartbreaker and troublemaker, not to mention his teachers' building frustration with his inability to focus long enough in class to actually apply himself. Clint wasn't much for 'learning', however. Sitting around in a class wasn't his preferred way to spend his time.

By his senior year, he was cutting class almost as much as he was attending it. Clint was always aware that he wouldn't be making himself some highly educated whatever, college wasn't on the cards for him, financially or academically, and that was fine. He wasn't that interested either. With a manual laborer for a father and waitress mother, Clint was under no illusions about finishing school and going straight into the workforce to help make ends meet.

The month of graduation there was a recruitment drive for the army; the prospect of an education with a purpose, the chance to travel and actually doing something worthwhile. Clint signed up on the spot. His mother wasn't especially happy, but the options in their area were greatly limited, and Clint knew he'd never be happy pulling the usual nine to five there.

Enlisting was, by far, the best thing Clint ever did. Joining the US Army built a much more settled nature in Clint, calming his rebellious nature somewhat. The army gave Clint a sense of belonging, equality and discipline, things that were largely lacking in his life. Taking to life in the military like a duck to water, Clint excelled in his training, working through his initial training into his first tour of duty, specializing primarily in on the field communications. Following his first four years, Clint spent only six weeks at home before resuming his second tour, stopping half way through a deployment in Iran to go through Ranger training on the recommendation of his CO.   Read more →

clint barton shot down

my last words will be, "yeah, I had that coming."

aw, coffee, no.

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